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Top 5 Reasons to Download Ori and the Blind Forest

Having recently reached its 1 year anniversary, Ori and the Blind Forest hasn’t fell short of impressive details, as the developers behind the visually outstanding game worked hard in order to release necessary patches to aid the better function of the game. Not only that, but the state-of-the-art graphics and fluid mechanics rendering a superb action platformer had gamers and fans return always for more content and continuous hours of playing in a row (yes, it is that addictive)!

The following list exhibited below will highlight the top reasons why Ori and the Blind Forest (which will hopefully galvanize you into downloading the game)!

Ori and the Blind Forest

#5 Visually Stunning

Not only does the game have the so-called ‘graphics’, it actually successfully manage to encompass a surprising and delectable story about an orphan destined for great things.

#4 Enchanting

Bearing a captivating story and an entrancing setting, the game transposes players into a fabulous world, riddled with adventures and mysteries lurking from every corner, waiting ardently to be discovered. Providing sufficient gameplay, Ori and the Blind Forest is an enchanting single-player video game meant for those who dare to dream.

#3 It’s an Indie Game

Perhaps it’s not a fact rubbed in the eyes of the audience, but the game in question is an Indie fabrication of developer Moon Studios.

#2 It Has Been in Production for over 4 Years

Which translates to: well-earned praise. The developers behind Ori and the Blind Forest worked for a lengthy time trying to adapt the intricate story to an equally puzzling environment, therefore succeeding in providing the audience with an authentic atmosphere and experience.

#1 It’s Available for PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360

Talk about versatility! Although it also has to do with making a product popular, yet regardless of any statements, Ori and the Blind Forest is a title that deserves all the publicity and acclaim!

Ori and the Blind Forest


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