Xbox 360

Ori And The Blind Forest – XBOX 360

Ori and Sein come across two beings in their quest: Gumo, the last survivor of the spider-like Gumon clan and whose home supports the element of Wind, and Kuro, a large female owl who is hostile towards Ori. Her hostility and the forest’s cataclysm are explained in flashbacks: when Ori was lost, the Spirit Tree released a flash of light in order to look for him, which killed all of Kuro’s recently hatched offspring. To protect the egg with her remaining unborn child, Kuro took away the core on top of the Spirit Tree, which is actually Sein. Without the Spirit Tree’s support, the three elements cannot be sustained and thus Nibel lost its balance. As the element of Winds are rekindled, Gumo, realizing what Ori and Sein intend to do, uses his clan treasure which stores the light from the Spirit Tree to revive Naru, and takes her to where Ori is.

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