Vane – PS3

At the time, The Last Guardian had gone into public hibernation, leaving fans craving anything that looked similar, and the Vane announcement offered a small release valve for those eager for updates. Many on Twitter and message board NeoGAF loved it. For Friend & Foe, everything seemed to be clicking.

Then something unusual happened.

Approximately six months later, Friend & Foe’s Rui Guerreiro — the team member with the bulk of the studio’s Last Guardian experience, who created the original Vane prototype from scratch and whom Friend & Foe originally described as “the main creative force on the project” — left the company. Leaving the rest of the team to finish the game without him.

And then he started developing a new game that, by his admission, looks a lot like Vane.

Called Mare, Guerreiro’s follow-up again focuses on the relationship between a child and a bird, again relies on the player triggering wind vanes to progress, again has a muted color palette and again presents a mysterious world where most things are left up to the player’s interpretation. Mare has significant differences — most notably, it’s a virtual reality game that you control by looking around, rather than a game you play with a controller and a screen — but in many ways it’s a second branch of the same DNA strand.

“For me, this is Vane,” Guerreiro says. “You know, it’s just me continuing to make whatever I’d begun. …

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